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San Francisco (21 September, 2011) – Kenshoo (, a global leader in digital marketing software, today announced the public release of Kenshoo Local 2.0 on the consolidated Kenshoo Universal Platform.

Kenshoo Local is designed for companies that serve high volumes of small to medium-sized businesses, including agencies, traditional media publishers, directories, and online resellers. Kenshoo Local also delivers unique value to regional, national and global advertisers with many different locations, dealers or franchises.

Kenshoo Local 2.0 boasts a number of significant upgrades driven by market demand and customer feedback. These include new onboarding and campaign creation tools, support for Facebook, Baidu, and Yandex, multiple conversion event optimization, dimension and category tagging, customizable online reporting dashboards, and flexible scheduled email reports, among many others.

“Kenshoo Local 2.0 is a game-changer,” said Gregg Stewart, president at 15miles. “15miles has always seen great results from Kenshoo Local, but the latest version will allow us to take our clients’ search and social campaigns to the next level. We’re particularly keen to use dimensions tagging to categorize and analyze various campaign elements outside the confines of traditional search engine hierarchies and to help inform our leading-edge local SEM strategies.”

“Kenshoo Local has given us the tools to break into the SEM space and quickly grow our customer portfolio. Features, such as Advanced Search, offer tremendous efficiencies for our team and our clients. Kenshoo’s attribution models offer key insights into the buying funnel and enable Meltwater’s Account Managers to drive impactful results, which further improves ROI for our clients,” added Jonas Oppedal, Executive Director of Meltwater Reach at Meltwater Group. “Kenshoo Local 2.0 is a significant leap forward and will help Meltwater Reach and our customers deliver superior campaign results across search, display and social campaigns.”

Kenshoo Local is built on the Kenshoo Universal Platform, which serves as a scalable foundation upon which all Kenshoo products are developed. One key benefit of the Kenshoo Universal Platform to Kenshoo Local customers is the ability to measure and optimize spend towards incremental offline activity such as phone calls or in-store visits driven by online advertising. This is activated through platform integration with leading call-tracking and digital coupon providers.

“When we launched Kenshoo Local 18 months ago, it was the only enterprise-class solution available to companies managing large volumes of individual entities,” commented Sivan Metzger, general manager of Kenshoo Local. “Today, Kenshoo Local still stands alone as the only option in the marketplace and, with our latest release on the Kenshoo Universal Platform, our customers will be able to save more time and make more money than ever before.”

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