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Targeting consumers on a local level brings about unique challenges, from onboarding hundreds of clients, to scaling advertising for hundreds of locations, and performing on smaller budgets. Kenshoo Local is the only platform that combines all the features that enterprise marketing technology can offer while also focusing on the unique challenges of targeting local consumers at scale across search and social.

Solving Challenges for Local Marketers

Business Onboarding

Easy Setup at Scale

Onboard and manage hundreds or even thousands of accounts or locations easily—an ideal solution for brands with a local footprint, agencies with SMB clients, or automotive agencies.
  • Manage up to thousands of accounts across publishers quickly and easily
  • Activate new accounts directly from your CRM or Order Management System
  • Automate Facebook Page authorization through a white-labeled experience
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Bulk Creation

Ad Management at Scale, With Ease

Get hundreds of ads live in minutes with simplified campaign management, audience targeting, and campaign analysis. Manage creative at scale in a collaborative environment to share, edit, traffic, and sequence your assets.
  • Automatically import image and video assets
  • Launch campaigns quickly through a time-saving creation workflow
  • Automate bulk updates to budgets, bids, and status
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Audience Management

Unified Audiences for Easier Activation

Kenshoo streamlines audience creation, automates CRM & 3rd party data refreshes, and provides audience insights so that you can easily scale your audiences within and across platforms to achieve your advertising goals.
  • Create and manage Custom and Lookalike audiences through a unified experience
  • Sync files to keep customer lists up-to-date automatically
  • Access and activate thousands of 3rd party audiences
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Budget Management

Put Budgets on Autopilot

Kenshoo Budget Navigator powers search marketers to pace, forecast, optimize and monitor with ease. Thanks to its unmatched flexibility, you can now accurately represent your business structure without constraints.
  • Optimize budgets across multiple campaigns towards a shared goal
  • Apply advanced budget pacing and scheduling strategies
  • Execute sophisticated recurring budget and budget rollover rules
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Performance Reporting

Keep Clients Informed

The Client Performance Report is a profile-level report that provides a detailed picture of the profile’s campaign performance. You can provide this report to clients in order to keep them informed about their campaign performance.
  • Consolidate and analyze performance data across channels
  • Automate search campaign call tracking workflows through comprehensive integrations
  • Export data to external destinations
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“Kenshoo Local set me up for success! Using the tool helped me to achieve the CPA goals with ease and allowed me to spend more time testing strategies to help further optimize performance”

William Campos, Campaign Strategy Manager, TEGNA Marketing Solutions

“During these uncertain times, having one centralised system to manage a large number of campaigns has been important. Both Kenshoo’s technology, and service, had helped us tremendously and allowed us to continue managing over 1500 client campaigns both efficiently and effectively.”

Adaya Florsheim, Head of Search and Social PPC, Zap Group

“The ability to segment and analyze cross-profile and cross-publisher data has been the biggest missing piece of the Facebook puzzle. Kenshoo Local Search with Social solves for this. The ability to analyze our automotive clients’ media mix holistically at scale provides powerful, paradigm-shifting insight.”

Aaron Savoy, Exec. Director of Paid Search, ClickHere Digital

“Using Budget Pacing on top of Google Smart Bidding has enabled us to get a much better handle on our client’s spend and campaign profitability. Being able to manage and report on this across channels has saved hours of the team’s time.”

June Hartel, Head of Sales – Yellow NZ

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