Is Social Media becoming the new Hollywood?

Last April Facebook had 4 billion daily video views; in November 2015, the number doubled to 8 billion!

And how many people are actually watching all of these videos daily? For Facebook, the number is a whopping 500 million according to recent reports!

But this may just be the beginning!
Facebook announced today that video is now supported in Carousel Ads on Instagram.

This is the latest ad format innovation that is transforming our portable second screens into primary screens for brand storytelling and interactive engagement.

Kenshoo software is ready-built to support this enhancement today.
We want to put more and more of our advertiser and agency clients in the director’s chair.

Of course, being responsible for video is a serious undertaking that can strain creative budgets. Is it time for you to jump in? Let find out:

1 — How much are marketers investing in video?
According to eMarketer, advertisers are doubling down on video with video spend expected to grow to 14.3% of digital ad spend in 2016. This is an increase from 12.8% in 2015.

Kenshoo is also seeing an increase in video ad spend, significantly outpacing standard image ad types since Q1 2015.

2 — Is video just for branding?

According to Facebook, “60% of Instagrammers say they learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% say they take action after being inspired by an Instagram post — like visiting a website, searching, shopping for or telling a friend.”

The increase in spend has already resulted in improved performance goals. Kenshoo has been monitoring the rise in website conversions from video ads for the last year.

3 — Do users have to watch the entire video to get results?

It takes less than 10 seconds of video viewing to reach up to 74% of campaign value.

What about the average viewer? According to a recent Nielsen study, the average viewer is watching at least 30 seconds of a video on Facebook. And that 30 seconds of video achieves 40% lift in ad recall.

(To put that into perspective, the Nielsen norm for average online brand ad recall is only 6%.)

4 —  Sounds good, but is this real?
It’s real. Really real.

One of Kenshoo’s leading US retail clients recently started testing video ads for direct response. They created a series of short product videos showing various shots of key fashion lines. They optimized for purchase conversion on both desktop and mobile.

Results? An ROI of 6.24. This was 3x higher than their standard ad formats!

Looking ahead
We believe that more video ad format innovation lies ahead. To make sure that our clients gain every bit of performance, Kenshoo will continue being a first adopter of new video ad types and will continue to innovate to improve the video optimization experience.

Contact your Kenshoo representative today to get the cameras rolling and reach your customers with what they enjoy the most … videos playing on their mobile devices!