Kenshoo Launches Creative Manager!

Everyday we’re surrounded by the beautiful graphics, fantastic photography, and engaging video that our creatives, agencies, and brand teams produce, but it doesn’t mean that marketing those assets is beautiful, fantastic or engaging.

In fact, dealing with these large files is often painful. We have to spend time uploading them into our cloud-based software; we have no way of sharing good assets with our own team; we spend far too much time trafficking the files; and it’s not easy to sequence the creative appropriately or run test and learn scenarios.

We just don’t have enough time to deal with these issues (probably because we’re watching all the cat videos and other stories our friends are sharing to us!)

And The Solution Is….?

Kenshoo has always been focused on getting marketers moving again…more efficiency, optimal marketing spend, mirroring, syncing, bulk actions, automation. So when we saw more and more of our clients getting bogged down by the weight of media, we knew we had to jump in.

Today we’re proud to introduce you to Kenshoo Creative Manager! We even made a PR for it!

Creative Manager is a new capability we built into our platform that has four major aspects:

  1. Creative Library: A persistent Kenshoo-hosted sync-able storage library for both images and videos. This will save you time over individual file-based uploading by preloading assets into Kenshoo … AND… it provides a streamlined flow between creatives and marketers, accelerating media access and distribution, and serving as a reuse pool for future campaigns.
  2. Creative Templates: An image overlay and resizing capability for formatting and applying brand messaging consistently over one or more creative assets at the same time. This can have a huge impact in decreasing your ad trafficking effort.
  3. Creative Collections: Marketers can group and sequence creative, and rules can trigger an update to the next creative in all campaigns. Say goodbye to ad-fatigued customers.
  4. Creative Optimization: Creative is evaluated by Kenshoo’s optimization algorithms. Never pick a bad creative for your campaign again.

I’m Drowning In Media…Tell Me More About Creative Manager!

You’ll have to wait to read next week’s blog to learn more secrets of Creative Manager, but there is one last thing that Kenshoo is not doing alone: helping you generate more good creative in the first place.

To help tackle that problem, we’re launching with an ecosystem of partners who can help you take your content to the next level (and then manage it with Creative Manager of course!)

  • Magisto: easy-to-use self-service tools to have anyone produce more videos quickly
  • Innovid: interactive video and video measurement solutions
  • Idomoo: personalized video pre-roll and audience targeting
  • Boost Media: experts in content improvement, internationalization and optimization
  • Persado: machine learning gurus with automated language tools to improve user sentiment
  • Cloudinary: makers of the core media backbone we used to help build Creative Manager

All of these partners are working with Kenshoo to design more solutions for better creative that work great in the latest ad formats on desktop and mobile.

How Do I Get Started?

Kenshoo is rolling out Creative Manager first to those clients who are running campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, and then will be highlighting this capability with other channels in the future. Please contact your CSM or Kenshoo Sales representative to stay in the loop with updates and enhancements to Creative Manager.