When I was a kid, I loved those choose your own adventure books. I could decide if I wanted to “ford the river” or not. (Okay, I’m mixing genres here, but you get the idea.) The point is, I was excited to be in control, to make my own decisions, and customize my journey.

This concept of customizing a user’s experience is not limited to kids reading a book or playing a video game — it’s still very much alive today in the world of marketing.

Consumers want content tailored to their likes and interests; marketers seek solutions that they can customize to their needs and business goals.

A great thing about Kenshoo is its adaptability — no two people use Kenshoo the same way. The robust functionality can be combined to meet the unique needs of a certain segment, vertical, or business type.

So, a financial services marketer can be equipped with the tools to find customers with high lifetime value, and an automotive marketer can efficiently balance regional dealerships and tiers with the most relevant and powerful solution.

Today, we launched a new section on Kenshoo.com that outlines how our solutions meet the needs of several industry verticals including: Automotive, Education, Financial Services, Retail, and Travel (more to come!), as well as the general Advertiser and Agency categories. Within each segment, you can see how individual components of Kenshoo combine to deliver results against the key challenges and needs of our clients.

What are you waiting for? Find your fit with Kenshoo.