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Marketers can now be there at every step of the customer journey with Kenshoo’s smart clothing technology

San Francisco (April 1, 2017) – Kenshoo (, the global leader in agile marketing, today announced the launch of Kenshoo AdWear. This new ad type takes person-a-lization to the next level with advertisers now able to place digital ads in real-time, anywhere on a person’s garment, at any time, any place.

This groundbreaking technology ad-dress-es the gap between online and offline through digital ads available in person. Brands can now become the journey, experiencing every step, literally, on their customers shoes.

Through Kenshoo’s agile marketing platform, advertisers can dynamically render wearable ads on any piece of clothing or footwear, taking signals from emotion-synced sentiment scoring, artificial intelligence, and even what they had for breakfast. Kenshoo Creative Manager also ensures the ad creative is aligned to complement the consumer’s current outfit and style.

And It’s not only the brands who will benefit, consumers, including many known celebrities are clambering to get their hands on this technology, with Cost Per Costume (CPC) ranging from $1 to $10,000 for celebrity endorsements.

“Kenshoo AdWear will be the new ad format of choice for both marketers and consumers”, said Steven Hartman, Kenshoo’s Global VP Marketing. Word of mouth and recommendations are critical for brand success and AdWear takes this to a new level, allowing consumers to physically promote the brands that impress them in real time, such as recommending a restaurant or displaying a thirst-quenching fitness beverage after a run.”

The second release of AdWear will make this inventory available across all display programmatic exchanges and is expected for release this summer. This will allow for easy and immediate share shift of display budgets into “smart clothing”.

For more information, or to be part of our beta program, please contact us at