Consumers have more choices and individual empowerment in the way they shop, consume and interact than ever before, relying on a multitude of connected devices to locate and purchase goods and services instantly from any location. In order to keep up with consumers, retailers must remain nimble, constantly adapting to change and accounting for fluctuating market trends, technologies, and opportunities. With these growing demands, e-retailers must rethink the way they build their digital campaigns by focusing on cross-publisher optimization to maximize both established and emerging channels to reach highly targeted audiences.

Since 2006, Kenshoo has focused on building solutions that grow performance and solve for real challenges marketers, including retailers, face with their digital marketing. The success of our clients is directly correlated with our success, and we’re proud to power agile marketing for innovative retailers around the globe. We are honored to share that for the second consecutive year, Kenshoo has been named as the top search engine marketing and social media marketing solution provider in Internet Retailer’s2016 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000.”

2015_Top-1000_Vendor (1)

To determine the top vendor, Internet Retailer ranked each service provider by the number of Top 1000 merchant customers and by the collective sales those 1000 merchants garnered. Kenshoo came out on top in both evaluations in the search engine marketing and social media marketing categories. Top 1000 retailers powered by Kenshoo for search engine marketing account for more than $132 billion in collective annual web sales, and those using Kenshoo for social media marketing account for more than $116 billion in collective annual web sales.

According to eMarketer, mobile ad spend will exceed $100 billion worldwide in 2016, accounting for 51% of the digital market, which highlights a still-growing and rapidly changing market. Part of that change comes from the emergence of new publishers and ad formats. For example, Facebook recently offered its ad targeting tools to Instagram advertisers through select marketing partners, including Kenshoo, and Google recently introduced mobile app install ads into its app-discovery engine, Google Play. While these emerging publishers and ad formats offer enticing opportunities for retailers, they come coupled with new challenges. This is where a trusted agile marketing partner like Kenshoo can make a world of difference.

“Consumers’ preferences continue to evolve as new devices, products and outlets hit the market; how well we keep pace with them determines how successful we’ll be in capturing their attention,” said Dan Pingree, vice president marketing at Moosejaw Mountaineering. “We’ve come to rely on Kenshoo as a trusted partner in helping us navigate the rapid changes; their industry-leading technology, early access to new publisher APIs, and extensive knowledge of all-things-digital marketing keep us out in front of an extremely competitive pack.”

Among the many tools available to retailers in Kenshoo’s Infinity Suite are:

  • API access to premium inventory from top publishers; Kenshoo is the only Facebook Marketing Partner with native API solutions for ads across Facebook, FBX, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo Japan, Bing, and Baidu
  • Portfolio-level optimization, which automatically calibrates campaign objectives and budget spend to optimize toward business-defined ROI goals across channels (Google, Bing, Gemini, etc.) with multiple ad types in a single portfolio group
  • Forecasting, which provides insight into a portfolio’s future performance potential and responds to market changes to help retailers maximize impact of the next dollar spent
  • Intent Driven Audiences, which automatically creates and updates Facebook Custom Audiences based on the intent consumers demonstrate through their search engine activity
  • Demand Driven Campaigns, which automatically turns top performing products in paid search campaigns into Facebook ads
  • Product-Tailored Marketing, which helps you create consumer-relevant ads based on your inventory via expert support for Google Shopping Campaigns and Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook

It’s important for retailers to have access to tools that enable them to report on and interact with campaign data in ways that yield specific ads quickly and effectively, at scale. The Kenshoo Infinity Suite helps marketers achieve their campaign goals through rapid and accurate optimization, while enabling them to understand and maximize customer lifetime value. Kenshoo’s commitment to continued innovation and excellence is why so many of the world’s biggest and best retailers rely on our agile marketing solutions to reach their customers and create meaningful interactions that drive ROI.