Total market intelligence.
Totally intelligent social.

Social media marketers need more than loose reporting on brand impressions and engagement. They need to mobilize their audience mix while connecting the dots to real business growth. They need to understand, at scale
  • The role of social in the broader marketing mix
  • Which new platforms and ad formats are most effective
  • How to navigate new privacy laws
  • Creative and audience strategies
  • ...and more.

Kenshoo delivers for enterprises with Total Social Intelligence.

Solving Challenges for Social Marketers

Drive Performance

Social That Outperforms KPIs

Bring optimization and targeting strategies to life with total control. Monitor ads across your campaigns and optimize performance while leveraging your audiences in concert.
  • Machine Learning-Powered Optimizations
  • Automated Actions
  • Dynamic Creative Tools
  • Audience Management
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Boost Productivity

Time Saving Automation

Automated optimizations can trigger ads or ad sets to adjust bids, budgets, statuses, and creative or send alerts based on weather conditions, health conditions, performance trends, ROI changes, TV airings and much more!
  • Automatic Campaign Enhancements
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Creative Management
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Improve Decisioning

Smarter, Faster Decisions

Connect external signals to your campaign schedule and allow AI-surfaced alerts to flag opportunities and threats alongside always-on proactive budget management. Leverage a simple, user-friendly UI to test and learn between and across channels. Knowing what's working in your creative, audiences and media allocation empowers you to get ahead of the next trend.
  • AI-driven Auditing and Alerts
  • Comprehensive Integrations
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"Bid Multipliers helped us tackle business needs and data discrepancies in a way that led to a significant increase in profits."

Shay Rubinek, Sr. User Acquisition Manager | Natural Intelligence

"KPO allows us to maintain efficient performance for our top campaigns and spend more time ideating new audiences and testing strategies."

Joanna Pride, Social Media Planner | Ogilvy

“Kenshoo Social helps us consistently grow our business with enhanced optimization solutions.”

Kimiye Karageorge, Senior Marketing Manager | Opendoor

By leveraging Kenshoo’s Bid Multipliers along with Campaign Budget Optimization, Natural Intelligence was able to increase their return on ad spend.
  • Saved 7+ hours per week
  • Applied a nuanced bidding strategy within a single ad set
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