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  • Improve Productivity and Scale

    Manage campaigns more efficiently through Kenshoo’s Bid Multipliers, Ad Permutation Builder, Advanced Naming Templates and Automated URL Builder.

  • Increased Visibility into Data & Insights

    See a clear and complete picture with all your data in one central location allowing you to make more informed decisions.

  • Cross-Channel Power

    Leverage cross-channel and cross-device signals from weather, TV and popular products to empower your social campaigns and improve performance.

  • Streamlined Audience Management

    Easily manage 3rd Party audiences, Lookalike audiences, CRM audiences, Search audiences, Facebook audiences and more all in one place.

  • Creative Optimization

    Have more control over your creative with access to AI features like Creative Refresh and Automated Actions.

  • Expert Support

    In-house service and support to help transition your social program and advise on best practices.

“Facebook had the levers to pull while Kenshoo offered the tool to create efficiency and performance.”
Molly Singraber, Senior Paid Social Media Analyst, Walgreens

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