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Premium solution for managing, automating, and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns at scale

Best-in-class portfolio bid management to optimize for almost any business goal – including ROI, lead generation, or branding

Advanced Tools for the Most Sophisticated Search Marketers

Advanced Algorithms

Optimize campaigns with flexible solutions to cluster keywords, manage a portfolio, and define your metrics

Workflow Automation

Point-and-click your way from editing any campaign element to setting actionable alerts

Automated Execution

Sync inventory and feeds to dynamically serve bespoke text ads and PLAs

Bulk Management

Make mass changes in minutes with the industry's only cross-channel desktop editor

Built for sophisticated, large scale, and complex ad programs

  • Improve process efficiency through workflow control and automation that can scale
  • Maximize return through tailored algorithms that help you manage toward your defined goals and optimize long-tail terms and offline conversions
  • Stay consistent and relevant by syncronizing your programs across ad types
  • Hone in on mutiple locations to capture local customers by targeting defined geographies

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