Kenshoo Integrates with CitrusAd’s open API to Expand Global Retail Media Offering!

San Francisco (July 13th, 2010) – Today KENSHOO announces that its two paid search platforms, KENSHOO Search and KENSHOO Local, have both been approved for Preferred AdWords API Pricing. Acceptance into the program means that KENSHOO will receive free API units based on managed client spend, thereby significantly reducing API costs for KENSHOO advertisers and agencies running paid search campaigns on Google AdWords and freeing clients to deepen their use of advanced functionalities.
KENSHOO, the leading international provider of online demand generation solutions, has the most intelligent, scalable campaign management platform available today, and it has yet to be taken to its full potential by users. With Preferred AdWords pricing, clients who were hampered by incrementally increasing API costs will be able to experiment with new creative strategies and build more comprehensive campaigns to optimal scale using KENSHOO Search, and allow KENSHOO to continue its own industry leading development and innovation with fewer restrictions.

Advertisers can also expect to see an increase in ROI as they are now able to further leverage the platform’s advanced functionality, including more granular geo-targeting and deep inventory integration that allows for the management of millions of keywords, bids, ads and ad groups and bulk changes to any campaign, and increased return on the long tail with automated processes allowing the building, maintenance and synchronization of campaigns at the largest scale – all without incremental costs associated with size.

“We are thrilled Google has chosen to act on their leadership standing and that it decided to embrace sophistication as a key theme to SEM campaign management. This change welcomes smart and creative strategies, enabling our clients to leverage the flexibility of KENSHOO advanced technologies and build relevant, creative, sophisticated campaigns with our intelligent platform and unique features,“ said Yoav Izhar Prato, CEO of KENSHOO.

“KENSHOO’s acceptance into the preferred pricing program will result in immediate cost savings for QualitySmith,” said Mike Wienick, Director of Marketing. “The Quality Smith team appreciates KENSHOO’s ongoing efforts to bring added value to their clients.”

In addition to direct enterprise clients currently running on KENSHOO, the company’s agency partners, some of the largest in the world, are managing thousands of client campaigns on KENSHOO Search and KENSHOO Local and will also see benefits.

“Over the last few years, Range Online Media has lobbied for the removal of related API fees. The business impact of the preferred pricing program for our clients is substantial. As an agency we heavily use API for proprietary reporting, program development and platform efficiencies. The new pricing model bolsters scale through API-heavy bulk edits, keyword expansion and bidding. We will be able to better leverage platforms like KENSHOO with the recent changes.” — Price Glomski, Account Director & Integration Strategist, Range Online Media.