Facebook has announced the next version of the Marketing API – version 2.4,  and with Kenshoo’s commitment to quick product adoption, we are introducing support for Facebook’s Breaking Changes as part of our upcoming release.

Notable changes include optimization simplification, which will clarify the difference between optimization and billing by introducing two new fields: “Optimize for” and “Pay for.” These fields will replace the previously used “Bid Strategy” setting. The main changes of this release will surround bid types: CPC, oCPM, CPA and CPM.

An Example Situation

Old Behavior: an ad set has a bid type of oCPM and an objective of Mobile app installs

New Behavior: “Optimize for” = App Installs, and “Pay for” = Impressions; Objective remains the same = Mobile App Installs

Additionally, this release will update CPC to focus on link clicks in order to make campaigns more effective. Today, when an advertiser runs a CPC ad, any action taken within the ad unit is counted as a click (likes, comments, shares, video views, link clicks, etc.). With the release of v2.4, you will now be able  to bid separately on link clicks from engagement clicks (likes, comments, etc.) with CPC defined to only include link clicks.

Example to optimize for just link clicks

Old Behavior: an ad set has a bid type of CPC and an objective of Clicks to Website

New Behavior: “Optimize for” = Link Clicks, and “Pay for” = Link Clicks; Objective remains the same = Clicks to Website

Example to continue optimizing for links clicks as well as engagement

Old Behavior: an ad set has a bid type of CPC and an objective of Page Post Engagement

New Behavior: “Optimize for” = Post Engagement, and “Pay for” = Post Engagement; Objective remains the same = Page Post Engagement

If you have any questions or need more information regarding these changes, please contact your client success team!