A few weeks ago, we announced our initial support for Google’s new Expanded Text Ads (ETA). This innovative new ad format promises increased visibility and more compelling features for both advertisers and consumers, especially on mobile.

But marketers are busy, and can’t always take advantage of new opportunities. There’s just too much to do, right?

Introducing Kenshoo’s Full Platform support for expanded text ads!
Today we announced we are the first partner to offer this level of support to help marketers easily and quickly transition over to the new ad format.

What does Kenshoo mean by “Full Platform Support”?
We knew our clients would be able to understand the implications and benefits of Google’s Expanded Text Ads if we could fully support it as a new native ad type as quickly as possible. Today, our clients can:

  1. Completely create new ETA campaigns in our fast, native user interface
  2. Migrate their existing non-ETA campaigns into ETA structures
  3. Sort and filter ETA campaigns alongside all of their campaigns
  4. Assign dimensions, edit ad copy, and perform other operational functions including approves, moves, searches, export/imports, pauses and more
  5. Generate reports on ETAs
  6. Run Kenshoo optimization controls on their ETA campaigns
  7. Apply Kenshoo tracking throughout their ETA campaigns

All told, we know this is the level of support that will deliver real ETA insight and expertise to our clients faster than ever.

Are many clients really adopting Expanded Text Ads at this point?
Yes! Kenshoo worked with 45 advertisers during the initial testing period of Expanded Text Ads; as of this week, more than 400 additional advertisers have moved over to our fully ETA-supported platform release.

And if you want some really big numbers, our clients have already served over 3.5M Expanded Text Ads as part of their testing!

How can I get started?
While each client will develop their own approach, we know that a key source of learnings is from A/B trials. Here’s how to get started quickly:

  1. Select your existing non-ETA text ads and export them using built-in update tool.
  2. Update the exported ads to the new ETA structure. Our Client Success reps can help with this or send you a short guide, but you can often do this in less than one minute!
  3. Add the new creative to the ad content. This consists of two new ad pathing fields, and the new second line of the ad headline. [Note: This step can be done quickly if you choose reasonable baseline values for your ads.]
  4. Re-import into Kenshoo Search and you’ll be able to A/B test right away.

And when you’re ready to move to full optimization with fresh ad copy, we can advise you on best practices or even engage some of our content optimization partners like Boost Media.

The Time to Test is … Now!
Back-to-School and Holidays are almost upon us, and there is a great opportunity to lead in your search marketing by mastering this new Mobile-First format for Search advertising.

With Kenshoo, there’s no reason to delay your testing and adoption of the future of Search text ads … start your path to search success today!