The leading Amazon advertising platform to engage your customers and drive product success

With Kenshoo Ecommerce, the leading Amazon advertising platform, vendors, sellers and brands can create, manage, forecast and optimize Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns at scale. Take Amazon advertising to new heights and understand your products like never before.

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Launch Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaigns at Scale

Rewarding ecommerce advertising comes down to exposing your customers to your brand and engaging them with your products in moments of high intent.

Kenshoo’s global Amazon advertising platform leverages these strong consumer intent signals combined with sophisticated product insights to deliver best in class ecommerce forecasting and optimization, achieving unmatched results for your brand.

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E-Commerce, iCrossing Leverages Kenshoo Ecommerce to Help Exceed Pharmaceutical Client’s Amazon Marketing Goals
E-Commerce, iCrossing Leverages Kenshoo Ecommerce to Help Exceed Pharmaceutical Client’s Amazon Marketing Goals

Execute Smart Amazon Advertising Services Campaigns

Harness the power of Kenshoo’s established industry leadership in marketing technology and deep expertise in ecommerce to unlock product insights and advertising activity on Amazon.

With unique capabilities in forecasting and budget planning combined with time-saving automation to free up your team for strategy, Kenshoo Ecommerce will level up your Amazon advertising programs and drive significant growth.

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Unlock Your Product Potential

Kenshoo’s Products Manager provides visibility into every facet of your listed products, from detailed data insights to attributes to performance.

With Products Manager, making informed decisions and driving optimization have never been easier.

Take action on campaigns, audience engagement, product positioning and the right advertising investments with this 360-degree view of your products.

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E-Commerce, iCrossing Leverages Kenshoo Ecommerce to Help Exceed Pharmaceutical Client’s Amazon Marketing Goals

What Kenshoo Ecommerce Clients Are Saying

Our job for our clients as their agency is to put them where their customers are. In order to do this, it’s critical for Chacka and for our Client, Avery, to be active on Amazon. This is where Kenshoo Ecommerce comes into play.  Kenshoo Ecommerce helps accelerate our marketing initiatives with detailed reporting and sophisticated optimization solutions, that help connect Avery to their customers on Amazon, that crucial point of purchase.

Chacka Marketing
Janel Laravie, Chief Executive Officer

Kenshoo Ecommerce has completely changed the way I manage and report on Amazon campaigns for my client.  The time spent gathering data, from reporting to managing the day-to-day of my campaigns has gone from a half-hour plus to less than two minutes, which is at least 4 to 5 times faster than before.  The time savings I’ve found using Kenshoo helps not only in reporting, but with budget pacing as well, leaving time for the tasks that matter to my client – optimization and strategic product placement…I can’t wait to see all the new functionality Kenshoo Ecommerce comes out with in the future.

Tommy Chan
Paid Search

I’ve saved so much time using Kenshoo Ecommerce to manage AMS campaigns.  Making bid adjustments in bulk and monitoring ASINs daily has changed the way we manage campaigns. Our team is able to make more granular optimizations and we’re seeing the impact even after one month – higher revenue & ROAS while also lowering CPCs.

Caleb Erickson
Associate Director, Performance Marketing