Enhanced campaigns are top of mind as the July 22nd automatic migration rapidly approaches.  We’re happy to announce that Kenshoo clients have been leading the pack in upgrading their campaigns.

As of last week, 52% (update: as of July 11, 2013, we’re now at 81%) of Google revenue managed on Kenshoo is now trafficked through enhanced campaigns. This includes clients that have migrated all their campaigns as well as clients that have just begun migrating. We are thrilled to see this great momentum and want to thank our clients for their dedication in seeing these transitions through.

If you haven’t upgraded your campaigns yet, we encourage you to review this blog post that gives tips on migrating as well as our guide on enhanced campaign migration.  The guide walks through the basics of enhanced campaigns and how to plan a seamless migration.

At Kenshoo we’re excited about our new and updated functionality that will help you navigate enhanced campaigns.  One of our biggest areas of focus is to help take the guesswork out of setting mobile bid adjustments by offering five algorithmic models that can recommend the adjustment to reach a business goal.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to your Kenshoo account manager with any migration questions and to ensure you’re up-to-date on all the functionality that Kenshoo has developed to support enhanced campaigns.