In the short time that Facebook Lead Ads have been available, they’ve already become incredibly popular as an ad format. Spending among Kenshoo advertisers has more than tripled since the units were first introduced, and impression and click volume are growing even faster than that. More than 10% of our advertisers are already using this format and we’ve seen some incredible results so far.

A Targeted Victory with Lead Ads

One of our clients, Targeted Victory, a major player in political advertising, has seen such great results that Lead Ads are now the primary vehicle they use to generate leads on Facebook.

“Targeted Victory has been leveraging Lead Ads for our clients so that they can efficiently gain leads at low CPAs. For many clients, Lead Ads have been more successful than traditional means of collecting leads through page post link ads and has become the integral method for collecting leads on Facebook,” said David Gulugian-Taylor, Director, Ad Operations, Targeted Victory.

Targeted Victory deployed Lead Ads to drive email collection for a political candidate, integrating directly into their client’s Salesforce CRM.  The campaign resulted in a 31% decrease in CPA and a 90% decrease in the daily operations necessary to manage the campaign.

Lead Ads for All

Politics is not the only vertical that is benefiting from Lead Ads.  Advertisers across the board are taking advantage of the ad type. Here’s how:

  • Retailers are signing-up customers for a weekly newsletter, special product offer or to alert them of a new store opening in their area.
  • Auto advertisers are registering prospects for test drives at their local dealer, enabling users to request online quotes for the make/model they are looking for or to configure the car of their dreams.
  • Educational advertisers are signing up prospective students for an info session or quarterly catalog.
  • Financial Services is starting the prequalification process or enabling prospects to indicate interest in learning more about a specific banking product or service.
  • Gaming advertisers are creating an email list of prospective gamers for the next release or building out the subscriber base to a weekly newsletter or buying guide.
  • Ride-Sharing is signing-up new drivers or new customers for their ride-sharing service.

The Benefits of Lead Ads

It’s not surprising that Lead Ads are being widely adopted and producing strong results.  With them, Facebook has removed one of the major barriers to quality leads — filling them out! Clicking through to a form and filling it out are not how most people like to spend a Friday night, but with Lead Ads, the form is within the ad unit and it’s also pre-populated with the user’s data, meaning it’s easier than ever for users to submit their contact info.

With some advertisers ramping up their Lead Ad campaigns and others considering them for the first time, we knew it was our responsibility to share some insights and best practices for putting Lead Ads to use in your advertising mix.

Since Targeted Victory has seen so much success with this format, we partnered with them on A Guide to Facebook Lead Ads that tells you everything you need to know about lead ads and more.

The Steps to Success with Lead Ads

For a taste of what’s included, here’s a snapshot of what we at Kenshoo and Targeted Victory think it takes to be successful with Lead Ads:

  1. Use Engaging Creative
  2. Offer An Incentive
  3. Keep the Form Simple
  4. Go Where Your Customers
  5. Test, Test, And Test Again
  6. Optimize to a Lead Goal
  7. Continue the Conversation

If capturing leads is important to your business, you should definitely consider giving Facebook Lead Ads a try.  Download our guide for more information on the benefits of Lead Ads and how to put them to use for your business.