Boston (August 25, 2011) – iProspect, a leading global digital performance agency, and Kenshoo, a global leader in digital marketing software, today announced an expanded partnership in which iProspect will leverage and customize the Kenshoo Enterprise Platform globally to improve search marketing, social media and local online advertising campaigns for some of the world’s most elite brands.

“Kenshoo continues to impress us with its innovative product suite and strong customer support,” said Robert Murray, iProspect CEO. “With Kenshoo under the hood, iProspect teams will be more efficient in managing workflow and more effective in campaign optimization, ultimately leading to better performance for our clients.”

iProspect, part of the Aegis Group, a leading global digital performance agency, has managed campaigns through Kenshoo for more than two years and achieved strong results for its clients. Using Kenshoo Search, for example, iProspect delivered a 58 percent increase in ROI quarter-over-quarter for a leading retailer’s largest campaign. iProspect was also an early adopter of Kenshoo Social, using the product to achieve a 71 percent lift in direct ROI from Facebook ads for a leading apparel manufacturer. This new agreement paves the way for stronger global integration and unique co-developed solutions.

“iProspect is very sophisticated in its approach to digital performance,” added Yoav Izhar-Prato, Kenshoo CEO. “By combining the talents of iProspect’s people with Kenshoo’s engineering core, we can create huge advantages for blue chip advertisers.”

iProspect and its clients have seen tremendous value in newly-released Kenshoo solutions such as Kenshoo Editor, a desktop application for SEM management, and Kenshoo RealTime Campaigns, an automated tool that updates search ads dynamically based on real-time inventory and merchandising. As part of this partnership, iProspect will beta test future Kenshoo product releases and help guide user-experience enhancements.