With the success of Facebook’s Dynamic Ads continuing its upward trajectory through Q1 (as shown below), we are excited to announce that Kenshoo is one of the first partners to now support Dynamic Ads for Instagram.

DPA Instagram

Advertisers are already seeing great results using Dynamic Ads for Facebook, with Kenshoo clients seeing click-through rates of 1.7% in Q1 of 2016, outperforming the overall social average of 1.0% that was reported in our most recent Digital Marketing Snapshot.

Creating the opportunity for consumers to see these types of results on an already successful publisher like Instagram will continue to enhance our clients’ ability to meet their business goals with Kenshoo.

Early adoption of the added placement on Instagram is already seeing success. Kristina Simonsen, Marketing Manager at Brilliant Earth comments that “Instagram offers an exciting opportunity for us to reconnect with our audience on a new platform and to serve more personalized ad content based on user preferences. Initial performance shows that these ads are resonating with our Instagram users, as they are engaging at stronger rates compared to our traditional retargeting channels. These users are visiting 24% more pages and their bounce rate is 42% lower compared to traditional retargeting channels.“

Bringing the dynamic and feed based elements of this ad format to Instagram will allow for more powerful attribution as users move through the purchase path, from high quality video and image creative, through to advanced targeting capabilities, proving the true value of Instagram’s full funnel approach.

Kenshoo is encouraging social clients to take advantage of increased scale by expanding Dynamic Ads retargeting efforts to all placements such as desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, and now also Instagram, to avoid a channel centric and siloed approach..

Already live with Dynamic Ads on Facebook? Pushing those ads to Instagram is as simple as selecting the Instagram placement. Try it today!