Today, we released The Kenshoo Guide to Search and Social Intersections, which helps frame the discussion around the challenges and benefits of search and social integration. Within this Guide, marketers will learn how the similarities and differences of these two channels complement each other so well, and why they should begin with search and social synergy as the cornerstone of their cross-channel approach.

Next week, we will begin a blog series featuring interviews with renowned, industry experts on the topic of the intersection of search and social. With marketing organizations dedicating more than half of their digital budgets to these two channels, the momentum has been building on how to best unlock the potential power of the cross-channel synergy.

Studies have shown that consumers trust and spend a lot of their daily media time searching and socializing online.

But it goes deeper than that…

Search engines and social networks are also often one of the first places consumers go when beginning an online session and have already proven to be key drivers of marketing ROI on their own. Finding a way to integrate these channels appropriately has become a major initiative for digital marketers around the globe.

Kenshoo has been pioneering this new area of expertise including last year’s white paper, Added Value: Facebook Advertising Boosts Paid Search Performance, in which marketers exposed to social advertising and paid search performed much better than with paid search alone.

Our blog series will further extrapolate upon the power of search and social. There’s an exciting bonus as well!  Coupled with each expert interview will be a simple, do-it-yourself experiment for marketers at any level – from small, local businesses to giant, enterprise-level advertisers. Through these experiments, you will be able to see how your search and social programs can work better together and build upon those insights for future campaigns.

We’re also hosting events around the world bringing these insights to life in an intimate setting for peer-to-peer discussion.

Be inspired and lead the discussion on search and social synergy at your marketing organization!

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