Last month, Instagram announced the opening of its Ads API. The aim of this new API is to make high-value mobile advertising inventory accessible to more advertisers. Kenshoo is thrilled to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners given initial access to the API. We’re even more excited to announce that in just a few short weeks we have built support for Instagram that clients are leveraging now. We are aggressively working to make this support available to all our clients soon.

Since Instagram’s announcement, advertisers have been anxious to take advantage of this new opportunity. “Kenshoo keeps us on the cutting edge of digital marketing. Their ability to support the Instagram Ads API so quickly after its launch is a perfect example,” commented Chris Zarski, VP of Camelot’s Interactive and Social Media Practice. “We are excited to leverage this new channel to engage with consumers on a medium where users are very passionate. Additionally, with Kenshoo we are able to better understand the value of consumers across search and mobile channels as well as optimize more intelligently.”

Kenshoo clients will now be able to engage with consumers and maximize lifetime customer value in one of the most popular and fastest growing mobile publishers. Kenshoo’s support of Instagram allows advertisers to gain an even more holistic view and understanding of their consumers. By leveraging Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences solution, advertisers can compare the cost of advertising to the same audiences across search and mobile publishers and optimize for the best results while keeping their costs low.

Booyah Online Advertising recognized the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. “We see Instagram as an exciting new opportunity to engage with premium mobile consumers on a fast growing channel where people are extremely engaged,” said Katie Holdsworth, Account Director at Booyah Online Advertising. “Kenshoo’s Instagram support empowers us to streamline the launch, management and optimization of this new ad type alongside our existing digital campaigns – so we can manage ads for this new channel within a platform we know and trust.”

In the last year, Instagram introduced new ad formats that help advertisers achieve business objectives outside of awareness and branding. These new ad formats allow advertisers to also drive actions such as sales, app downloads or signups.

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These ads are truly native to the Instagram experience because they fit seamlessly within the look and feel of the platform. We believe the combination of these native ad formats and a highly engaged community will create huge opportunities for advertisers. We’re eager to help our clients get the most out of their Instagram investments by providing a holistic view of their campaigns and helping them achieve optimal performance across these campaigns.

From Kenshoo’s perspective, we’re excited to be a part of the evolution of advertising on Instagram.

Read the PR or download the brochure to learn more about Kenshoo’s support for Instagram.