Over the past couple of months, Instagram has allowed a variety of business types to advertise on a self-serve basis. With strong initial results, Facebook® announced they will open ad buying on Instagram  to businesses of all sizes, worldwide as of today, September 30, 2015. Advertisers alike will now have the opportunity to reach a new and highly engaged audience of 400 million at scale and showcase products, services, or apps in a visually inspirational way.

In just the first few months of launch, Kenshoo clients have already seen a 2.5 times higher CTR than the industry average for social marketing in Q2 2015. Instagram also shared that 97% of campaigns have generated significant lift in ad recall with a 17 point average ad recall lift; 2.8 times higher ad recall than Nielsen norms.

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Since the launch of Instragram ads, Kenshoo has been supporting advertisers through the API,  streamlining campaign launch, management, and optimization with programs integrated with existing mobile efforts. We were one of the fastest and most efficient Facebook Marketing Partners to launch Instagram advertisers during alpha testing and successfully enabled our clients to maximize lifetime customer value and drive results using intuitive workflows and advanced algorithms. Kenshoo provides a holistic view of your marketing efforts, allowing you to track across publishers and apply attribution policies to optimize more intelligently for each interaction in the customer journey.


Whether you are a mobile RPG game looking for new downloads, a restaurant chain trying to engage with foodies through mouth watering imagery, or a production company needing a new channel to drive incremental reach for the launch of major motion picture with 30 second trailers, Kenshoo provides the tools to achieve your business goals through Instagram.

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Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.