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Since being introduced, Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLA) have grown with marketers eagerly testing, optimizing, and allocating budget to this eye-catching format.

As the #1 Google Shopping Campaigns advertiser in terms of total ads deployed per Jefferies Equity Research, Kenshoo has a unique view of the landscape. We’ve supported marketers in driving substantial growth and engagement, with retailers spending 138% more YoY on PLAs in the 2013 peak shopping season. This growth makes it all the more important to understand what changes will come with the roll out of Google Shopping campaigns.

To better understand how PLAs are being utilized and the perceived impact of Shopping campaigns in the marketplace, the Kenshoo Marketing Research Team completed research and highlighted key trends and insights. This two-part study included survey responses from 89 search marketers about PLA features, functionality, and effectiveness and 12 client responses to questions pertaining to performance, tips and tricks, challenges faced, and additional opportunities with Shopping campaigns.

Download An Inside Look at Google Shopping Campaigns to view full survey results and marketer responses and gain insights and best practices to apply to in this new era of Google Shopping.