My kids are not even halfway through their summer break and are already itching to get back to school. Regardless of the fact that they get to sleep late, attend a fun arts camp, spend countless hours at the beach and the pool, and don’t have to do any homework, my daughters miss their friends as well as the daily structure that the school year provides.

For brands, however, the back-to-school shopping season signifies a major retail opportunity to cash in with the lucrative, end of the year retail blitz still many months away. As with many markets, the increased usage of social media, multi-device browsing, and other digital trends continue to the change the game, and advertisers need to keep up and continue to evolve in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

Today, in conjunction with digital marketing agency PMG, we released the Back-to-School 2013: Digital Forecast and 6 Marketing Tips infographic. I have to hand it to PMG and their creative team who were able to take our combined data insights and build a very fun and informative layout using a notebook theme complete with doodles and eraser shavings. There are a ton of useful nuggets squeezed into this infographic that will be helpful to marketers looking to stay informed in this area.

Some the useful themes presented by this data include:

  • Parents are using digital resources more often to research deals
  • Back-to -school shopping is starting earlier every year
  • Online spending (including during the back-to-school season) is growing and becoming a more important channel for retailers

For more juicy insights as well as the six tips that marketers need to know to stay successful with their back to school season planning, view this infographic now.