As marketers, we want to operate with as little unknowns as possible. We want to learn all we can about our customers, their journeys, our program performance, and its impact on the bottom line.

The ability to measure our digital efforts and the data available to inform our decision making help bring clarity to marketing processes and programs. But, full transparency and insight is a tall order.

There are infinite possibilities for consumer interactions with brands and winding, unique paths to purchase. Data, which can help untangle the web, can sometimes bog us down. Technology, which can improve automation and efficiency, can sometimes operate in a black box. Innovation, which can push us to the cutting edge, can sometime take time to implement and fine-tune, slowing us down rather than propelling us forward.

And as a result, the unknowns remain unknown and undiscovered.

But, sometimes, when data, technology, and innovation align, there’s an ah-ha! moment, and things that were hidden can reveal themselves to us.

Abracadabra. Open Sesame.

A grand reveal shows us more than we thought we could know about our customers and their conversions.

But this isn’t magic.

This is the Kenshoo Infinity Tag. And with it comes a new realm of possibilities to understand the customer journey and purchase behavior and inform attribution.

The Kenshoo Infinity Tag is an enhancement to the Kenshoo Conversion Pixel, allowing advertisers to see (and act on) rich information about each conversion.

With the Infinity Tag, each conversion can be sent to Kenshoo with up to 15 key-value pairs that describe the transaction details (on top of the standard conversion values that will continued to be received).

What kind of data, you ask? Some examples include: number of items in cart, returning vs. new customer, product name and category, number of cart items on discount.

With this information, marketers can not only report on these new values but also:

  • Create new conversion metrics (revenue from new vs. existing customers, perhaps?)
  • Optimize campaign spend for these new conversion metrics automatically
  • Exclude events that are not pertinent to a conversion

The Infinity Tag offers marketers a significant leap forward in solving some of the most difficult industry attribution challenges and providing more detailed insight into consumer action and true program performance that drives to distinct marketing goals.

And just like that we can begin to know the unknowns. Opportunity awaits.
To learn more about the Kenshoo Infinity Tag, click here.