Before getting into the nitty gritty, let’s talk CCO shop a little bit! CCO is Kenshoo’s Call Conversion Optimization solution, and its main focus is to allow you to optimize the search keywords driving your phone calls. Besides magic, how does it do this?

First, CCO matches offline conversions to online clicks using proprietary matching algorithms. Then it also allows you to set either custom or off-the-shelf rules to optimize bids per call.

Tips and Tricks for CCO:

  • In Conversion Types, aggregate calls to your conversions column so you can use the pre-set bid rules. Or make your own bid rule with Advanced Search and Scheduled Actions!kenshoo cco
  • Think about your deduplication window. Do calls that occur within the same 3 days count as a single conversion? If so, you’ll want to raise your deduplication window from the one-day default.
  • One day of deduplication really means 24 hours. So calls that come from the same number within 24 hours of each other will not be counted.
  • Also, think about your minimum call duration. Do calls over 30 seconds count as a conversion? 40 seconds? You may need to play around to find the sweet spot that’s right for you, but it will be worth it!

Starting with these rules will set you on the right track to getting the most out of your phone calls!

Like I said, magic!