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31 days. 31 gifts in the form of best practices,
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holiday survival tips, from our digital advertising experts.

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 1

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday was the fastest growing day of the "Cyber 5" last year. If you're waiting for Black Friday, you're going to miss out!

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 2

Get those Dynamic Ads ready! Last year, Dynamic Product Ads made up nearly half (48%) of Facebook spending for e-retailers during the Cyber 5. They have become a key part of any e-retailer's social strategy for the holidays.

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 3

Search Shopping CPCs will increase, but by how much? Last year, average cost-per-click more than doubled (2.1x) during the Cyber 5, compared to the rest of November. #JollyOldSaintClick #KenshooHolidayTips

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 4

Turn up the volume! Last year, average daily spending volume on Ecommerce Channel Ads more than doubled for the Cyber 5 period, compared to an average day in November. Ask your Kenshoo rep how to capitalize on the increased demand

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 5

Among Local/SMB advertisers who used Search Shopping Campaigns in 2018, volume declined slightly on Thanksgiving before accelerating for the next four days of the Cyber 5. #SMBePrepared #KenshooHolidayTips

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 6

Last season, for Kenshoo search accounts in the ecommerce category, more than 1 out of every 4 paid search impressions was from a shopping campaign ad. Learn how you can make good “impression” with your search shopping campaigns.

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 7

For Ecommerce Channel Ads, the Apparel category saw CPCs more than double from an average day in November to the Cyber 5 weekend, while no other category saw more than an 36% increase. #KenshooHolidayTips

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 8

Today's tip comes from Enrico Mirabelli, Associate Director of Media & Ecomm at iCrossing - and it's one for all of the agencies managing Amazon Advertising campaigns this holiday season. #BabyItsColdOutsideTheBuyBox

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 9

Jonny Hale, Director of Performance at Search & Social agency Sticky Click shares his top tip for the holiday season and its all about using content across social media to give your customers that extra bit of added value!

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 10

Don't miss your Holiday Party because of a hectic workload. Anne and Daniela from Yellow Pages Canada suggest using Kenshoo Automated Actions to set your campaigns up weeks in advance.

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 11

How will the team managing the Diageo account at iProspect survive the holiday season? Hint: It's not by drinking their clients products (unlike some of our other tips suggest!)

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 12

Are you using a Search Term report to understand what your consumers are looking for on Amazon this holiday season? Joe Huber from Orac Pacific's top tip explains why this is key when servicing his Amazon Advertising clients.

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Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 13

Rhys Freestone, Digital Marketing Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland explains why Facebook DCO is going to be his (not-so-secret anymore) weapon for the remainder of 2019. #DeckTheFeedsWithGreatCreative #KenshooHolidayTips

Kenshoo Holiday Tips: Day 14

Be even Smarter this holiday season by deploying Kenshoo's Budget Navigator with Smart Bidding to scale performance and budgets. Matt Devinney, Senior Manager of Paid Search at Tinuiti shares all! #KenshooHolidayTips

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