We’ve been growing very rapidly here at Kenshoo and have been experimenting with different ways to educate all our new team members about what we do and the value to our clients. Here’s a fun way we tested recently — making short commercials about some of our solutions, including:

  • Kenshoo Local, our SEM solution for both agencies that service loads of small-medium business and large SEM customers with lots of geo-targeting or local call optimization needs.

  • Kenshoo SmartPath, our attribution solution which not only tells our clients how to best allocate their spend across the entire marketing mix, but also makes adjustments to the bidding engine(s) on their behalf, so they can automatically and instantly take advantage of opportunities in the market. A mound of data is great if you can put it to use, right?

  • Kenshoo Search and Kenshoo Social, our bread and butter flagship products that help elite marketers around the world get the most bang for their buck from the most important digital channels and are simply “better together…”

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”15629″]

Originally these were only going to be used at our internal sales kickoff event but we thought they deserved a longer shelf life. Hey, one of the golden rules of marketing is repurposing content, right?

Hope you enjoy and tell us what you think of this new approach.