Where I’m from, it’s customary on a first birthday to place a cupcake or slice of cake in front of a child and encourage  them to smash their hands into the frosting and devour every bit of sugary goodness. Here at Kenshoo, we celebrate birthdays with the same level of enthusiasm and excitement.

In June, Kenshoo’s certification program turned 1 year old! During the last 12 months we’ve gone from crawling to walking to running and now we’re off to take Kenshoo global education to the next level.

When I started at Kenshoo over a year ago we had just launched the Kenshoo Search certification, introduced our Socialites program, and were in early stages of Kenshoo Local certification.

I’m excited to say, Kenshoo now offers three certification programs across Search, Social, and Local, each customized to meet the needs of our clients and their respective industries. At Kenshoo, we require many of our teams to obtain certification across all three platforms and be [Pros] themselves.

Birthdays are also about looking back and reviewing your accomplishments over the last year. Thanks to each and every one of you we’re feeling pretty good about this milestone.

Thanks to your support of our global education programs we’ve seen:

  • Nearly 800 global agency and clients sit for the Search, Social and/or Local certification exams.

  • 18 of all global testers since inception of the program earn a perfect score of 100% (congrats to you perfectionists!)

  • 500 registrants for our Global Certification week which included 11 virtual prep sessions around the world (in less than 5 days)

  • A global network of proud [Pros] across countries including Germany, Singapore, UK, US, Hong Kong, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and the list goes on!

As we close the chapter on year one and blow out the candles, we wish for more learning milestones in our community of [Pros].

Yours in learning,


To learn more about Kenshoo’s Certification Program, click here.