If you’re a digital marketer, you are well-aware that you work in a dynamic and complicated field, filled with varying ad types, constantly changing channels, complex integrations and incredible amounts of data. With all these variables and details to remember, simplicity is very much appreciated.

Trying to decipher a long destination URL with tracking parameter after tracking parameter can be like solving a logic problem to understand where someone will be directed. Thankfully, this will soon be simplified and URL management will become much more streamlined.

In February, Google formally announced Upgraded URLs and their plan to migrate all clients to the new format by July. As a reminder, Upgraded URLs offer simplified URL management by splitting destination URLs into two, more manageable pieces: the final URL and the tracking template.

This is a fundamental change to paid search tracking, and as a result, Kenshoo has been working closely with Google in preparation for over a year. In February, we released beta support to select clients to begin testing their keyword-level URLs migration. This beta allows advertisers to easily keep tabs on which of their keywords have been upgraded:

upgraded urls

Advertisers can begin slowly by migrating individual keywords to better understand the process.

upgraded urls

After testing the migration of a few keywords, advertisers can take advantage of Kenshoo bulksheets to migrate large quantities of keywords at once.

In the coming weeks, we’ll add beta support for ad, sitelink and product group level URLs.

Please do not begin migrating if you are not a part of the beta. In May, we will offer general support availability for all Upgraded URLs so that you can migrate well in advance of the July 1st deadline. You will receive additional communications in April with timing for your account.