Today, Google introduced Upgraded URLs, a more simplified and efficient way to manage your URLs.

As they are today, destination URLs can sometimes be long and unwieldy with difficult to decipher tracking parameters.


With the introduction of Upgraded URLs, destination URLs will be broken out into two components: the final URL and the tracking parameters used by the advertiser. AdWords will then combine these components when serving an ad to create a full destination URL.

upgraded urls

This change will help simplify and streamline URL management and tracking.  It will also help more easily add tracking parameters in the future for more detailed tracking of ad performance.

Google’s current timeline states that URLs will need to be migrated to Upgraded URLs by July 2015.

What do I need to do? How does this impact me?

There is no immediate action required.  An advertiser will be able to continue using the old destination URL format in the coming months until the migration.

Kenshoo and Google have been working together closely for the past several months to ensure a smooth transition for advertisers.  Kenshoo has begun a beta roll-out of the new functionality with a small group of clients.  We plan to expand the access of the functionality in phases to all clients through March, April, and May.

It is important that advertisers do not migrate until their Kenshoo account team notifies and guides them on the right timeline for the migration process.

To help expedite process, Kenshoo will be providing technical information and guides to help your migration and be available for any question you may have.

We look forward to closely partnering with our clients on this important change.

We will be updating with more information in the coming days and weeks.  Stay tuned.