Hey app marketers! There is another source of inventory for mobile app installs you will want to pay attention to. Recently, Google announced it is expanding its app install ads into Google Play.

If you have an Android-based app, you know the challenge of getting your app recognized among the 1.6 million apps on Google Play. Fortunately, there is now a solution. Reaching over 1 billion people on Android devices in more than 190 countries, Google is committed to making Google Play one of the best places for app discovery.

Similar to the Google search engine when users search for your keywords in Google Play, they are automatically sent to your Google Play Store Listing to install your app. Now your app is discoverable in both Google Search paid results AND the Google Play app store to give your app even more exposure to the right audience.


Image Source: Google

Until recently, developers relied on organic app store optimization to improve their app’s discoverability – a method relying solely on the Google search engine algorithm. With the introduction of Google Play search ads, developers can now pay to drive awareness of their apps directly in the store. Additionally, users searching within the Google Play app store are actively considering new apps.

What does this mean for mobile app marketers that are already running on Google Search App Installs? You should be seeing more installs from search with the addition of Google Play inventory.

What does this mean for those that aren’t running on Google yet? Jump on board!  With mobile app installs becoming more expensive in certain channels, you can expand your audience by running ads on Google Play and reach users at the moment they are searching for apps.

At Kenshoo, we are committed to helping app marketers attain performance goals by acquiring high-quality users in the most important media publishing destinations, which is why we have invested in providing comprehensive reach across Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo Gemini, mobile display, and now, Google Play. We believe Google Play search ads will be a great opportunity for your Android app to reach the most qualified audience. These ads are becoming an essential marketing tool for apps seeking to stand out among the millions of apps in the Google Play Store.

Kenshoo has full support for these ads so make sure you are taking advantage of this opportunity – contact your Client Success team to learn more today!