Kenshoo™ is proud to announce our first global certification week for Kenshoo Enterprise™ and Kenshoo Local™!

Sign up to attend virtual sessions that prepare you to take the Kenshoo Enterprise and Local exams. You can attend as many sessions as you like and take as many certification exams as you’re able to – from any location in the world!
Please register below for the prep session you’d like to attend:

Kenshoo Enterprise:

  • March 4th, 5pm CST (U.S)
    • Register Here:
  • March 5th, 9am CST (U.K)
    • Register Here:
  • March 5th, 3pm CST (en espanol)
    • Register Here:
  • March 6th, 11am CST (AU/NZ)
    • Register Here:
  • March 6th, 6pm CST (AU/NZ)
    • Register Here:

Kenshoo Local:

  • March 6th, 1pm CST (U.S)
    • Register Here:
  • March 7th, 3pm CST (U.S.)
    • Register Here:
  • March 8th, 2pm CST (U.S)
    • Register Here:

Kenshoo offers ongoing training and education to existing clients and agencies on a regular basis around the world:

  • Bi-weekly webinars in time friendly zones for the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and more. Multi-lingual support for English, Spanish, French with additional languages being added.
  • Robust in-person training with Kenshoo during the onboarding process to ensure the entire process gets you and your team fully ramped to hit the ground running. We also offer deep dives with your account management team, office hours, and more to support you every step of the way.
  • A full suite of certification programs across our Local, Enterprise, and Social platforms. You now have the ability to show your [Pro] status by getting certified with on-demand training and virtual prep sessions.
  • Video library and Knowledge Center to support you from the getting started with Kenshoo to the more advanced topics.

Want to learn more about Kenshoo but not part of the Kenshoo family? Talk to a member of our team today