With competition ever growing in the mobile gaming space, a constant need for sophisticated strategies has become a necessity to scale acquisition while maximizing toward Lifetime Value. Adquant by Kenshoo provides flexible and powerful solutions to help address these challenges by improving efficiency and driving performance for leading gaming companies.

As an industry leader, Kenshoo has now made reporting and optimization easier and more efficient than ever before. On Sunday, September 20th, we released a new data visualization and analysis tool that provides the most in depth and comprehensive reporting the industry has to offer. This tool provides an intuitive dashboard that illustrates the performance of your organization’s marketing investment making it easier to take strategic action.

New Adquant Dashboard

These new enhancements to the reporting tools allow for a more granular and accurate breakdown of information such as demographics, placements, devices and time of day, and allow all the available attribution windows. Marketers at all levels can take action on an Ad set and Ad level, analyze data and performance, and drill into what matters most.

Adquant Dashboard 2

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