Rio will be heating up as World Cup fever reaches its peak with the final matches taking place this weekend. Up first, we have Brazil taking on Netherlands for the 3rd place spot, and the weekend culminates with Germany and Argentina duking it out for the top honors. Who are you placing your bets on?

Here at Kenshoo, we thought it would be fun to use country-level search stats to make some predictions about who will come out on top so without further adieu, here’s how the World Cup of search would play out…

Germany vs Argentina

In the Search World Cup, Argentina takes top honors across several metrics including impressions and clicks — both up nearly 6x since Q1. The country boasts a strong click-through rate as well — a sign of relevant and tailored delivery to searching consumers. But, if we’re really going to pick a winner, we need to look additional performance.

Of all the teams, Germany leads the way with the most goals scored. If we think about goals as conversions, Germany has the upper hand over Argentina in the search world too. Quarter over quarter (QoQ), Germany saw a 39% uptick in conversions while Argentina Q2 conversions suffered a slight dip over Q1. Year-over-year (YoY), Argentina has seen massive growth with conversions up a whopping 210%.

Germany also comes out a winner when looking at conversion rates both on the pitch and in search. Germany’s shot to scoring ratio on the field results in a 19% conversion rate while in the search world, the country is saw a 55% boost in conversion rate QoQ.

Finally, if we look at the return both countries are able to drive, Germany shines. Both QoQ and YoY, Germany’s return on ad spend is up and growing while Argentina has remained flat compared to last year and down from the previous quarter.

So, what’s the final verdict? In the Search World Cup, Germany is the “gewinner.”  😉