It was the week end just before the weekend. 7pm at night. 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Middle of the desert. Time to run.

We were at the lowest altitude for a race on earth. A little over 40 of us kids ready for 19 miles off-road.

The run is an annual event where the Moon is the sun and the Mind is the engine.

With me was Igal, our CFO, and Sharon, our VP HR.

The mixed feeling of enthusiasm with uncertainty made it intense.

The chilly weather, scenery, and only stars to guide us is what turned it to be magical.

It starts with a plateau and slight turns left and right. The moon has still not risen and pace is steady. As with any journey, momentum is built over time. Distance, heart, mind and muscle adjust as you get in a rhythm.

The long distance make you THINK ahead and plan.

The cold weather makes you stay on the MOVE.

The darkness make you be ALERT.

And the sum of those parts – makes you EXCITED.


Much like life and like the years building this company, it was half mind and half heart that made me do this. Making decisions using only Excel is wrong. And making decisions using only emotion is wrong. Making decisions using both in the right combination (with proper attribution per scenario!) is right.

Like with Kenshoo, there were times when the run was easy and fun and there were areas where it was challenging. There were parts when it was dangerous and needed precise skills and there were parts where touching the stars was almost possible. Uphill, downhill, apart and united.

3 hours in the desert at night with a full moon and millions of stars makes you think clearly and makes you be YOU. It gives you a true reflection of all the good (and bad;)) that brought you to where you are and gives you a chance to think it through and decide where you are going to be in each of your inner-circles. A very healthy process!

I felt lucky to be there and I feel lucky to be here. I felt good about where we are and I found myself thinking about 2014, 15, 16 and more with adrenaline pumping in.

What is out there in the dark, no one really knows. The thing is, light is not about a flash and looking underneath. It is about mindset, skillset, motivation, passion, and humility to approach the situation and it’s about accountability to MAKE IT WORK and BE SUCCESSFUL.

Not because you have to.

Because you WANT TO.

An experience this was and part of the journey this is.

All the best for 2014 and beyond…