I’m going to let you in on a secret: we know your Achilles heel, digital marketers. As tech savvy individuals, you can’t resist the latest in-non-vations. We know that’s why you’ve fallen head over heels for the unique solutions from Kenshoo.

Three years ago, we decided to shoot for the stars and introduce Cloudvertizing to enable advanced geological targeting. Two years past, we stepped out with Ken Shoe, your digital marketing assistant. And last year, we made your heart skip a beat with Algo-Rhythm.

Now, we’re ready to knock your socks off once again with K-shoes.

kshoes manufacturing

With the introduction of K-shoes, we decided to get our foot in the door of the customized footwear industry and go toe-to-toe with the competition to take shoes to uncharted territory. By harnessing the attributes of users’ digital footprints, we’ve found a way to create customized shoes that fit the intent and interactions of the wearer.

kshoes with box

In an effort to put our best foot forward, we’ve integrated with Alive Shoes to create a premium shoe, hand-crafted in Italy. Even though these shoes are custom made with utmost quality, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Watch this video to see how K-shoes are assembled for optimum comfort and durability and a precision fit.

I polled some random people on the street about K-shoes and here’s what some of them said:

“If you ask me, the idea is a shoo-in.”

“I’m putting my foot down and declaring that this is greatest revelation to shoe design and manufacturing.”

“I really think you’re taking risks with this, really taking the road less traveled.”

So, what do you think? Why not dip a toe in the water and try K-shoes on for size?