For many advertisers, driving form fills, particularly on mobile, can be a challenging task that can be met with friction. Mobile forms can often be clunky and labor intensive for the audience and can sometimes drive customers away, but when executed successfully, they provide brands with high-quality leads.

To improve the mobile sign up experience, Facebook® has rolled out a new ad type geared toward advertisers with lead generation goals. Lead ads enable mobile sign ups in a more user friendly way and provide the advertiser with accurate and actionable data.

Available in the mobile newsfeed, the Lead Ad looks like a link page post ad with a call-to-action indicating a subscription or lead submission. Once a person clicks through, an advertiser can capture contact information via a mix of pre-populated fields and customized fields that matter most to its business. This conversion information then can be used to create Custom or Lookalike Audiences to retarget form submitters or similar segments.

lead gen ad sample

What types of industries will benefit from these ads? With the impending 2016 election, consider how this might benefit political campaigns asking voters to sign up for support. Or perhaps think about how the education vertical could leverage these calls to action to get prospective students to register for open houses or courses.  A software provider might be looking to push product demos. An auto dealer could be hoping to promote test drives. An insurance provider might be offering to provide a quote. A media publisher could push new newsletter sign ups.  The possibilities are vast and varied.

To learn more about Lead Ads, visit the Facebook for Business blog and contact us today to find out how you can be taking advantage!

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