Earlier this month, we proudly announced the release of our latest cross-channel solution, Kenshoo Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA). Now, we are thrilled to report that Kenshoo IDA has been selected as a winner of the latest Facebook Innovation Competition.

Held twice a year by Facebook, this competition challenges the Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs) to develop solutions that help businesses achieve their goals through Facebook, and this time around, winners were selected across four segments: in store, online, brand, and mobile, with IDA taking top honors in the online sales category.

What is it about Intent-Driven Audiences that makes it a winning solution?  Kenshoo IDA is the first solution that matches clicks on search engine ads to audiences on Facebook in real-time, harnessing intent signals to target individuals across channels.

Let’s explore how this plays out in a real world scenario.

The start of summer signals a lot of events: the end of school, peak vacation times, and wedding season, the latter which I can thoroughly relate to this year. While shopping for my soon-to-be-wed friends, I find that buying a gift off the registry is just so expected. I am certainly happy to oblige, but I am also researching some more unique options for the newlyweds.

Looking for a place to start, I head over to my trusty search engine to query “unique wedding gifts.” I am pleasantly surprised to find some eye-catching Product Listing Ads, so I click through to peruse the options where some special, personalized gift options that have piqued my interest.

But, my search has just begun, and I am not yet ready to pull the trigger. In the meantime, I conduct a bit more research to get some ideas. Later, I’m cruising Facebook and lo and behold, what do I see but an ad for personalized artwork prints specifically for newly married couples. A perfectly targeted ad based on my paid search click from my initial keyword.

With several wedding approaching, I need to make a decision soon, so sure enough, I click through to see more and, ultimately, make the decision to buy one.  But my journey does not end here. Smart advertisers know that I have just purchased a frameless piece of art. It’s time to hit me with the one-two punch. Like clockwork, I see I’ve been retargeted by this retailer to consider a lovely frame to go with my new purchase. You got me.

For the shopper, IDA represents a more streamlined and relevant experience. For marketers, it’s a way to harness the signal amidst the noise, reach new, highly correlated audiences, and leverage the impact of search and social.


Intent-Driven Audiences represents our latest innovation exploring the power of search + social and the concept of audience management. The activation of cross-channel signals is also a key component of Kenshoo Demand-Driven Campaigns, which was a winner of Facebook’s previous Innovation Competition.

We are excited to continue to explore this theme to help you benefit and profit from the vast opportunities of the intersection of search + social.  To learn more about Kenshoo Intent-Driven Audiences, visit Kenshoo.com/IDA.