Digital Marketing is a complex and ever-evolving space — just take one look at a LUMAscape and you can begin to understand the breadth of partners who make up this dynamic landscape.

At Kenshoo, we pride ourselves on our best-in-class solutions and the open architecture of our Universal Platform. This approach provides the flexibility to adapt to a marketer’s unique business environment and help meet their goals through infinite optimization.

By integrating with more than 100 third-party partners across channel management, optimization, and analytics, Kenshoo can serve as your true north for digital marketing.

Let’s explore the Kenshoo ecosystem that makes this happen:

Channel Management

Achieve scale and efficiency through channel management integrations across search, social, local, mobile, and display. Speed up your campaign creation and execute comprehensive bid management across channels such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, CityGrid and more.


Benefit from added intelligence and automation thanks to integrations across call tracking, data management platforms, feed providers, retargeting, social publishing, SEO, video, and other third-party providers. With this holistic view, you can improve campaign performance and make more informed decisions across your programs.


Add it all up with data and insights across web analytics, attribution, ad serving, tag management, and mobile measurement to see how your programs are all working together. From there, you can give credit and reallocate and optimize as necessary to strike an optimal balance.


In addition to these integrations, Kenshoo offers sophisticated functionality that enables you to activate advanced audience targeting, tracking and reporting, attribution, and forecasting in a holistic, cross-channel manner.

To learn more about the Kenshoo Ecosystem, visit and start exploring!