Thriving with Retail Media

Date: March 25th

Time: 9AM PST | 11AM CST | 12PM EST

Duration: 1 hour

The rise and scale of Amazon’s ads business continues to push the pandemic-accelerated ecommerce sector into a frothy rush to develop high-margin retail media businesses. As a result, brands are responding to retailers’ shifts by expanding investments and reinventing traditional notions of shopper marketing into a new paradigm: Digital Shopper Marketing.

And as dozens of retailers such as Walmart, Target & the newest unicorn, Instacart, scale up, the rapidly-changing landscape of disparate platforms and fractured data presents opportunities – and challenges – that digital shopper marketers are only just beginning to tackle. 

We invite you to join us for an exclusive roundtable as we invite senior marketers from across a select group of brands to discuss:

  • Beyond media planning: How is the rise of digital shopper marketing making you reconsider your organizational structures and go-to-market strategies (including existing go-to-market channels vs D2C)? 
  • Data: How are you rationalizing data remits, and how are you merging your 1st party knowledge and data with what retailers are doing?
  • The market: How are you rethinking the KPIs that you use and the data sets you need in order to capture relevant market trends and maximize growth?

If you’re interested in participating, please reach out to


Nich Weinheimer
General Manager, E-Commerce,
Kevin Weiss
VP of Client Success, Ecommerce,
Aaron Conant
Co-Founder & Chief Digital Strategist,
BWG Connect