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Digital advertising once offered more measurability than had previously been possible. Yet now, twenty years on, and despite the wealth of data digital advertising generates, marketers still list measurement along the customer journey as one of their biggest challenges.

What happened? Wasn’t multi-touch attribution going to solve this issue once and for all? Now, with added limitations such as the pending depreciation of third-party cookies, things seem to actually be going in the opposite direction. 

Join Kenshoo’s Josh Dreller, a nearly 20-year digital ad veteran and early evangelist of multi-touch attribution, for a webinar on Thursday April 2 at 10am PST as he discusses:

  • The current state of marketing measurement
  • Why multi-touch attribution just never panned out
  • The roles of new innovations in AI & machine-learning enabling a cookieless measurement that just might finally be the solution marketers have been waiting for