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Are you looking to scale app installs and capture lifetime customer value?
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Kenshoo Apps is the all-in-one solution for app marketers looking to reach their best customers, drive the install and build lasting relationships for ongoing app engagement across all of the publishers that matter: Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Google, and Snap.

If you’d like to chat some more about how Kenshoo can help you scale user acquisition then we would love to meet you at MAU. You can either use this form to book an appointment, stop by Booth #235 for a quick chat or check out Elias Sandler, VP of Product on stage (Day 1 @ 3.50pm):

Apple Search Ads: An App Marketing Fundamental  

More and more advertisers are looking into Apple Search Ads not as an afterthought of their marketing programs, but as a pivotal channel that empowers their growth and retention strategy. The increased power of the App Store is opening up opportunities to app promoters to position their products in a way that is compatible with their go-to-market strategy and reach the most relevant users.

We hope to see you in Vegas!