San Francisco (7 September, 2011) – Kenshoo (, a global leader in digital marketing software, today announced an upgraded version of its flagship search engine marketing (SEM) campaign management product, Kenshoo Enterprise 4.0 on the Kenshoo Universal Platform.

Kenshoo Enterprise is a solution designed for large advertisers and the agencies that support them. Kenshoo Enterprise 4.0 includes many new features and upgrades such as campaign wizards to quickly set up new accounts and reporting enhancements that display various metrics in a powerful grid for holistic analysis. Another key element of the 4.0 release is a proprietary visual indicator of campaign health as set through bespoke business objectives.

“In the travel category, time is money, and Kenshoo Enterprise 4.0 will help us more quickly capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace through visual monitoring of campaign objectives and alerts,” commented Vural Cifci, director of acquisition at Travelocity.

“Kenshoo continues to improve its product suite, and this latest release brings significant value to Havas teams around the world,” added Rob Griffin, EVP, global director of product development at Havas Digital. “The new Kenshoo profile wizard will make our people more efficient, and the improved reporting features will help us better optimize campaigns for our clients.”

The Kenshoo Universal Platform serves as a foundation upon which all Kenshoo products are developed, providing a holistic view across all marketing investments and surfacing insights for cross-channel optimization. The Kenshoo Universal Platform is flexible to accommodate bi-directional data from third party providers as well as proprietary internal systems. To date, nearly 50 different data sources, ranging from web analytics to ad servers to commerce platforms, have been integrated into the Kenshoo Universal Platform.

“Since the beginning of Kenshoo, we’ve been hard at work coding products on a best-in-class platform to deliver continual innovations and competitive advantages for our customers,” said Yoav Izhar-Prato, Kenshoo CEO. “Kenshoo Enterprise 4.0 is our latest achievement and will give our customers big leaps in efficiency and effectiveness.”

“At Kenshoo, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our products based on customer feedback, and Kenshoo Enterprise 4.0 represents the latest culmination of these efforts,” added Ariel Fligler, VP of products at Kenshoo. “Anchored by the Kenshoo Universal Platform, we’ll continue delivering the horsepower needed to scale online advertising efforts across any vertical and any region.”

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