As mobile devices continue to generate a larger share of online traffic and conversions, mobile strategies are increasingly critical to digital marketers. Many brands have recognized consumer’s exploding usage of apps, as shown in the chart below, and have made mobile apps a key pillar in their mobile marketing strategy.

Share of US Digital Media Time Spent by Platform

App marketing has its own unique challenges, and Kenshoo is committed to helping our clients find solutions for successful mobile app promotion. The web technologies, such as tracking pixels and cookies, that are second nature to digital marketers are not applicable in the mobile app environment and therefore, reliable measurement of KPIs can be a challenge.

Each app platform (iOS, Android) has its own restrictions and device identifiers, further complicating the situation. Marketers need to work with mobile measurement SDKs to measure the right KPIs – and then configure postbacks to ensure the measurement data is feeding into their optimization platform. Kenshoo has built integrations with all the major mobile measurement companies to ease this process and enable our customers to execute closed-loop mobile app campaigns.

We are excited to publish a case study that shares how Elite SEM utilized Kenshoo’s app marketing capabilities to generate a cost-per-install (CPI) 60 percent lower than the average cost-per-signup on desktop while increasing monthly mobile budget by 20 percent.

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