Innovation is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in our industry. It’s become de rigueur to describe companies or strategies as highly-innovative or cutting-edge or bleeding-edge or outside-the-box and over-the-river-and-through-the-woods-to-grandmother’s-house-we-go!

At Kenshoo, we’re not immune to innovation overload. Here, though, innovation is not just a buzzword.  It’s an obsession. It’s one of our 3 core values. And it’s a big differentiator.


Across every department and every region, innovation is infused into our infrastructure. We hold Hackathons on a regular basis to spur development based on creative thinking. And we have an innovation community portal to surface ideas from everyone in the company as well as our clients.


Next week, we’ll be taking infinite innovation to the next level with our newest event series, K2. This exclusive (and sold out) event will bring together more than 200 people from the most innovative brands in the world (full list here) to explore “Infinite Innovation for Exponential Growth” (full agenda here).

K2 features keynotes from captains of innovation including Navi Radjou, author of Jugaad Innovation and Doug Stone, SVP Innovation of Maddock Douglas. We’ll also have Jordan Rohan, Managing Director, Internet and Digital Media Research, at Stifel Nicolaus, delivering a presentation on key industry trends.

On the Kenshoo side, our CEO, Yoav Izhar-Prato will talk about building a culture of innovation and also deliver a demo of our latest innovation. And Will Martin-Gill, SVP Product, will go through our product roadmap along with Fiona Gill, VP Global Client Excellence.

As always, we have some surprises in store. Those that attended our K8 Global Client Summit, can attest to the fact that Kenshoo events always push the limits. K2 will be no different. Yours truly will be hosting a game show called The Bid Price is Right and our afternoon breakouts sessions will include some unexpected “ingredients” to help facilitate peer-to-peer learning and ideation.

K2 will close with an Innovation Lab showcasing the latest breakthroughs from Kenshoo partners Yahoo, BrightTag, PM Digital, and Resolution Media. We’ll also get hands on with the coolest gadgets from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


If you’re on the list for K2, be prepared for a day (and night) of infinite innovation and memorable moments. For those that won’t be joining us onsite, we’ll be sure to post a recap on the blog and perhaps a few of the session videos to the site.

We are planning to make this an annual event so, if you want to be considered and meet the criteria of being director-level and up from a leading brand or agency, feel free to fill out the form here and we’ll keep you in mind.

Another option for execs interested in innovation and integration is our Intersections series exploring synergies (there’s another buzzword we love!) between Search and Social.

As you can see, at Kenshoo, innovation is not just a mantra, it’s a plan-of-action. We hope these events will further rally our clients and partners around this agenda and continue to catalyze meaningful innovation.