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  • “With the deep PPC experience that WSI’s Dave Levy and Tom Kuthy bring to the table, combined with the scale and efficiency that Kenshoo enables, we now have the winning combination for long-term growth. We plan to vastly expand our PPC program during the next fiscal year, and we would never have been able to do that without the performance delivered by WSI and Kenshoo.”

    Nicole O’Connell, Director of Enrollment Marketing

    , Education
  • “Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer automates our bid management and enables much more dynamic optimization than we could perform on our own. It immediately reduced our costs per click significantly, and with constant conversion rates, profits have been consistently higher. The new algorithm figured out where we could reduce bids, and it boosted profit 87 percent.”

    , Education

    Ryan Bruss, Manager, Search Engine Marketing

    , Education
  • “Each educational track has its own set of metrics, and leads can convert through form completions, open house registrations or campus visits. Kenshoo supports a wide range of campaigns and goals, and its automated bid algorithms keep Loyola’s keyword portfolio optimized for efficiency.”

    Dave Levy, Partner, Digital Marketing Consultant

    , Education

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