When it comes to running digital media campaigns, strategic retailers can certainly experience great results — but managing them can be daunting.

Advertisers who leverage Facebook in order to secure high returns on their investment and drive the right message to the right audience at the right price, need to work diligently and strategically, and utilize all of the tools that Facebook offers — and there are a multitude of tools available to achieve success.

The struggle is indeed real. But the struggle doesn’t lie in the lack of options. The good news is, there are many opportunities and solutions.

So how do you calm this overwhelming feeling?

For retailers, this must be done using a scaled approach in order to promote the brand’s entire inventory (which can consist of hundreds of thousands of products) to dozens of segmented audiences.

Enter, dynamic ads.

Facebook enables you to create link ads that promote your inventory and target your desired audience. The solution is based on creatives coming from your product catalog and audiences that are created based on the Facebook pixel, which allows advertisers to retarget people who’ve interacted with those products on the advertiser’s website.

This groundbreaking solution indeed tackles this challenge, but that’s not enough!

Let’s take a closer look at the key considerations when building a successful dynamic ad campaign and see how Kenshoo can help you further.

1- Delivering the right message:

The dynamic ads’ creatives originate from the product catalog. The ads are dynamically populated with attributes from the catalog, so when an ad is exposed, it can include the image, description, price, or any other attribute based on the template that the campaign manager defines. Great news, right? All you need to do is define the template and Facebook will take care of the rest. You no longer need to worry about your creative. Win-win.

Hold on. That’s cool, but it’s not enough.

Whether you’re an independent brand promoting your products or a retailer promoting many brands, you have likely realized by now that the images being displayed in your feed are pretty standard and unoriginal, are similar to those of your competitors, and definitely don’t convey your full message.

With Kenshoo, your message will get the help it needs to stand out and by providing more information to your audience to increase the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

Kenshoo’s technology now allows advertisers to define a design template for their images. This enhanced design is automatically applied to all the images in your catalog.

Take a look:


2- Reaching the right audience:

Dynamic ads are a retargeting solution based on the Facebook pixel. Advertisers can show ads of specific products to people who interacted with those products on the advertiser’s website. There are also cross-sell and upsell solutions that make things even more interesting and convenient for you.

Here’s how it works: the advertiser can show, for example, ads for a sleeping bag to users who purchased a tent. This is great because, as a campaign manager, it becomes incredibly easy to deliver the optimal message to the matching audience. It’s all automatic!

Hold up again. Indeed great, but still not enough.

Check this out.

Retargeting audiences is a very strong capability, but what if you’d like to target your other custom audiences, from your CRM (customer relationship management) tool for example, or your native audiences? It would be ideal if you could use the same audiences that you use to target other ad types while still leveraging the dynamic ad format and message and even compare these audiences to the retargeted audience.

Well, with Kenshoo you can do that. You’re able to target any of your audiences with dynamic ads.

3- At the right price:

Now this is where it becomes even more interesting with Kenshoo. Our predictive Portfolio Optimization solution will optimize the bids and budgets of your dynamic ad campaigns. Every ad will get a bid that reflects the ad’s true value, and every audience will get a budget that will contribute the most to your overall goal regardless of if you pay for clicks or impressions. All you need is to put all of your dynamic ads in one portfolio, set the budget and your KPIs, and we will do the rest. Boom.

The last word

To conclude, while effective advertising on Facebook is hard work, if you are using dynamic ads in Kenshoo, ALL of the heavy lifting is being done for you. Creatives are built and refreshed dynamically from your feed, the audience is constantly being updated whether you retarget or use any other custom audience, and the bids and budgets automatically change every hour.

With dynamic ads and Kenshoo, all you need to do is sit back and watch your business grow. Be sure to reach out to your Client Success Manager to learn more.