What do you think about the people who surround you on a daily basis…you know, those beings we call co-workers?  Think about how much time you spend with these folks.  If you like them, work is a joy; if not, it’s toil and trouble.

My role in HR is to make sure that when we bring people into this little community of Kenshoo’ers, they are truly the right fit.  It’s not an easy job.  Knowing how to interview and how to see through the canned responses can make all the difference in finding a quality addition.

So we have a “culture fit” interview process that focuses on just that.  The culture interviewer is someone outside of functional team who knows the Kenshoo vibe and feel, preferably one of our long-tenured employees.  This interview delves into what makes someone tick, how they manifest their creativity (something we prize here), what truly motivates them, how they problem-solve, what accomplishments make them proud.

Of course, I can’t tell you exactly what questions we use to get this insight – that would be giving away our secret!  But I can tell you that the important thing is to make it a conversation.   No interrogation or intimidation here.  We want our job candidates to show us their true colors and also get a little window into our culture.  After all, an interview is a two-sided event.

What makes you tick? We’re always interested in hearing stories from potential new Kenshoo’ers…check out some of our current jobs on offer and maybe we’ll talk soon!