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Key Takeaways from Q2 2019

Here are some of the key digital marketing trends from Q2 2019's advertising data.

Search remains the most steady and consistent channel in digital marketing
Paid search advertising grew another 10% YoY in Q2 2019 compared to Q2 2018. With eMarketer predicting a 7.7% YoY spend increase across the board for all media ad spending worldwide in 2019, Search continues to chug along at a rate higher than the growth of the entire advertising industry.
Social was up big—again
Social advertising spending grew 37% YOY in Q2 2019. Social advertising publishers continue to innovate their ad offerings and attract more share-of-wallet with marketers as Facebook and Instagram continue to lead the pack and separate themselves from the competition.
Ecommerce Channel Ads (ECA) in Q2 were almost as big as Q4
Advertisers who ran ECA—primarily lead by Amazon Advertising—in Q2 2018 spent 66% more in Q2 2019 and almost beat their spend in Q4 when retail advertising peaks. This clearly means that this year’s Q4 will be meaningfully higher for ECA than most industry experts have forecasted.

The Kenshoo Q2 2019 Quarterly Trends Report

Q2 is a valuable time for gathering insights into marketing industry trends and understanding how advertiser KPIs and budgets are shaping up for the year. With end-of-the-year holiday season planning in full swing in July and August, marketers can check to see if there are any last-minute insights they can use to guide their final Q4 plans.

This edition of the Kenshoo Quarterly Trends Report represents the analysis of over $7 billion in annualized marketer spend and continues to be one of the most well-respected datasets by those who follow advertising performance closely. With over 500 billion impressions and 14 billion clicks analyzed, there are many great insights about what’s happening in the digital advertising industry on a macro level. In the Q1 2019 report, you will learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends including:

In this digital marketing report, you will learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends including:

  • Ad spending velocity of the largest publishers in the world

  • Key performance indicators across Search, Social, and Ecommerce advertising

  • Insight into marketers may interpret these market dynamics and how they may shift their plans to take advantage of new opportunities

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