At this year’s K8 Summit, during a presentation titled “See, Know, Steer,” Kenshoo CEO, Yoav Izhar-Prato shared his point of view on how Kenshoo builds relationships with our clients.

“We’re not good at dating but we’re really good at marriage,” Yoav said.

Indeed, we’re in it for the long haul. No one night stands here.

While some of the other guys offer free trials or discounted rates to get you in the sack, I mean, stack…. at Kenshoo we’ll wait until the time is right and both sides are truly committed to partnership.

Other companies will wine and dine you with fancy dinners and extravagant gifts. And the only people you’ll meet during the courtship process are part of their sales orgs.

“We’re not good at dating but we’re really good at marriage.”

At Kenshoo, we’ll invite you into our home to break bread with the entire family. You’ll meet everyone from the proud parents (our founders are actively involved with all clients) to the kooky cousins (our research team can be quite eccentric but you’ll love them).

Why do we take this approach? Well, we know the decision to pick a marketing software partner is a big one.  It’s a large check you’re writing and your job depends on performance-based outcomes.

At the same time, from a Kenshoo perspective, it’s important to choose the right client partners. We invest a great deal in onboarding and training our clients as well as providing ongoing support. These are sunk costs if the relationship ends prematurely.

Also, our clients drive our product roadmap. So, if we have the wrong partners using our software, we won’t get the insights we need to stay on the cutting edge of the market.

The bottom line is that software like Kenshoo is only as good as the people using it and the inputs they’re providing. For our platform to create the most optimal campaigns and generate the highest possible results, we need to have deep connections into our clients’ internal operations.

We need real-time inventory feeds, full CRM integration, bi-directional analytics, etc. These data sets are essential for our algorithms to learn and optimize. And these aren’t the types of things you share with someone you’re only dating.

So save yourself for marriage. Get all your experimentation out of the way and, then, when you’re ready to settle down, call Kenshoo.

We’re here for you… ‘til death do we part.